Fresh Thought: How Real-Time Information Can Improve Efficiency In Your Food Processing Facility

Posted by Spindle on Feb 20, 2017 8:23:29 AM

 The US food industry is made up of an approximately 21,000 companies with an estimated $750 billion in revenue. Worldwide processed food sales are about $2 trillion.

Like any highly profitable and ever-growing industry, competition in the food processing and packaging industry is fierce and only the most efficient survive. At Spindle, we are dedicated to synthesizing raw data into actionable insights – giving you all the information you need to adjust your food processing operations for maximum performance. We help you streamline and simplify your reporting needs on all aspects of your business to keep you competitive and meeting industry demands.

Employee Efficiency

With over 1.5 million people employed in the U.S. food and beverage-manufacturing sector, optimizing employee efficiency is vital to keeping ahead of the competition.

An engaged workforce can increase operations efficiency by 10-20%. That’s where Spindle comes in. We help you connect with your employees on a human level. Our Visual Workplace clearly displays production goals and standards at each workstation. This feature allows employees to easily track their performance for all tasks throughout the facility and alert supervisors or engineering if issues arise.

With our Visual Workplace, managers and supervisors receive real-time dashboards on their mobile devices and computers to monitor the effectiveness of each employee, as well as track the number of employees logged-in to all areas of your facility. Real-Time alerts warn of login issues, excessive break or lunch, and shift ends. Simple drill through to daily, weekly and longer time periods provides the context for coaching employees in the moment.

Equipment Efficiency

Spindle connects managers with the status of all facility equipment from the production floor to the packaging areas and everywhere in between. Spindle’s Visual Workplace shows equipment and work areas needing attention, in real-time, and allows for prioritization of maintenance teams and their response teams.

Our Visual Workplace decreases production downtime losses from planning logistical issues that result in no product to process, downstream delays and employee availability. A live countdown fulfillment dashboard helps make sure the facility and tasks are aligned to deliver todays orders

The Spindle Water and Energy plug-in monitors natural gas, water, electricity and temperatures making it easier to proactively discover and test new best practices.

Quickly respond to energy consumption issues and deviations in critical process variables, with alerts and key metric trending.

All dashboards are available in real-time and accessible on desktop or mobile device.

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