Employee of the Month? Calculating Employee Performance

Posted by Spindle on May 8, 2017 1:26:27 PM

There are many ways to measure employee performance in food processing, commercial laundry or industrial environment… most of which can be boiled down to several essential categories.

Work Quality

Measuring work quality is often quite subjective, with the best-known metric coming from a performance appraisal by an employee’s direct manager. One method, part of management by objectives, is a model meant to improve performance by translating organizational goals into specific individual objectives agreed upon by the employee and the manager. These objectives may be given points values, enabling performance reviews to be effectively data-driven.

Work Quantity

In a production environment, quantity is often an easier and more objective measure than quality, and can be simply expressed as the number of units produced by line employees. For employees in other areas of the business, sales numbers, call handling time, lines of code produced or other tangible metrics can also express performance in terms of numbers.

Work Efficiency

Unfortunately, both qualitative and quantitative employee performance measurements can fall short without comparing one to the other, or bringing other important context into the picture. Quantity without quality is a hollow measure, to be certain. These factors must be balanced to view productivity through the lens of work efficiency, but it is hard to achieve this balance, and that’s why so many companies struggle with the performance review process, let alone have transparency into the numbers themselves.

Are Your Employees Engaged?

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, more than 70% of American workers are not engaged at work. And with all the increased distractions of technology and the demands of personal lives, employees find it hard to focus and produce their best work.


Being able to accurately measure your employees' productivity provides critical insight into how skilled, engaged and productive your employees really are. It can also reveal where the workflow gets slowed down or stopped due to equipment breakdowns, inefficient processes, poor job training, or lack of communication.

So what methods should your organization employ to see the full picture and improve your workplace?

Know More With Spindle

Spindle's integrated data solutions offer tools to help food processing and packaging operations accurately measure employee performance. Better still, Spindle software generates actionable insights to help deliver the efficiency you need to be competitive. Implementation of Spindle results in improved margins and reduced costs, and our customers enjoy a return on their investment in less than 12 months.

Make A Good Workplace Great

Not only can Spindle measure how engaged and productive your employees are…its visual workplace interface also improves overall employee engagement by bringing a greater degree of transparency to your workplace – helping make a good workplace great! 

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