Fouad Egbaria | January 30th, 2024

Comprehensive data on the go — that’s what Spindle brings to your commercial laundry operation.

Data is king, but mobile data is the queen on the chess board. Like all of the famous chess stratagems, using real-time data is strategy. It's like knowing what your opponent across the board is going to do before they do it. 

So how does that "real-time data as strategy" work in practice?

Think of your plant as a human body: with Spindle’s mobile app, you can keep track of your plant’s vitals and make sure everything is working as it should. When it isn’t, Spindle recommendations can help you remedy the problem and maintain your facility’s overall health. 

As a plant manager, you need consistent visibility when it comes to key metrics of your facility’s performance. With the Spindle mobile app, you can access all the data you need at any time so you can diagnose potential issues before they become a real problem. 


There's a lot happening on the commercial laundry floor at any given moment during the workday. 

Napkins, towels, garments, floor mats, and all sorts of things — which many consumers might take for granted when they visit a restaurant, hotel, etc. — need to be sorted, fed into cleaning machines, hand-washed, dried, folded and prepared for distribution back out to the customer. 

Every moment of every workday, data is being generated, whether you're tracking it or not. (Ideally, you are ... remember, real-time data is strategy, and real-time operations software is the means to implement that strategy.) 

As with all data, there are the questions of "when, where and what."

  • When can I access the data?
  • Where do I access it?
  • What do I do with it? 

With the Spindle mobile app, the answer is simple: whenever and wherever you want. It's like having an extra pair of eyes trained on everything at once. 

commercial laundry app

That's the power of real-time operations software. As a plant manager, you can have access all of the important data you need — your plant's "vitals," as we referred to them earlier — so you can make all the critical decisions you need to make.

Workforce optimization, equipment maintenance, energy costs ... all of that and much more can be monitored and acted upon with Spindle's real-time operations software by your side (literally and figuratively).

Are you understaffed in a certain area? Overstaffed? Is there a bottleneck that is impacting your employees' productivity? Which pieces of equipment are having issues more frequently? What is your holistic facility health score?

As a plant manager, whether you're walking the plant floor, in your office or monitoring second shift from home, you can keep tabs on everything that is going on in your operation. 

One Place for All Your Data, Recommendations: Facility Health Score 

You might be wondering, how do I parse all this data? What exactly am I looking at? Facility health

Well, with the Facility Health Score page, you can have all the data you need, laid out in an easy-to-digest way and updating in real time. 

Combining all of the relevant data points to a commercial laundry, your facility health score will give you a barometer by which to assess your operation. 

Not only that, the page offers a list of helpful "opportunities," or recommendations, to guide you toward actions that will help you improve your score (and, in turn, your plant's performance). 

Data is vital, but you also need a way to understand it, quickly and easily. The Facility Health Score page is your trusty guide to your plant's health. Think of it like your plant's report card, only instead of updating at the end of each semester, it updates constantly. 

As a plant manager, that means you can keep tabs on what's going on at your site, whether you're walking the floor or you're at home and want to check in on the second shift. 

With that, let's touch on a few more key data areas for which you can use Spindle real-time operations software to track and make decisions that will supercharge your operation and make sure you take advantage of every invisible dollar opportunity floating out there on the plant floor. 


With the Spindle mobile app, you can help take your workforce to the next level

Wherever you are, you can quickly identify opportunities for improvement within your plant. In the easy-to-use application, you can see: 

  • Daily production of each classification

  • Who is logged in at any given time

  • Opportunity for cash savings by department

Simply put, it gives you real-time data to help inform personal interactions with your team. Whether you want to offer kudos to an employee or check in on an employee who might not be hitting their targets, the data can help you determine the correct course of action, without having to be physically present on the plant floor. 

However, it should also be noted that every employee is different. While some might benefit from encouragement, others might be more self-motivated to improve. In that vein, Spindle productivity displays at each work station help employees track their progress throughout the day, using the traffic light color-coded (i.e., green, yellow and red) to indicate performance status. 

For many employees, real-time visualized data can spur increased engagement and workplace performance. 


In addition to your workforce, your equipment can represent a source of frustration when it breaks down or isn't working as it should. Every second a piece of equipment is offline can mean less throughput and, in turn, can impact your bottom line. 

With Spindle's CMMS data on your mobile app, you can monitor all maintenance tasks in real time

Again, without being in front of the equipment yourself or having to go down the communications chain of asking team members "what's wrong with equipment piece X?", you can: 

  • Schedule and track preventive maintenance
  • Have access to work order management
  • Execute parts inventory management
  • Be locked into real-time reporting

Every second counts. That's why it's important to be able to track the "vitals" of your equipment, too, so you can address existing problems and mitigate potential problems as quickly as possible. With Spindle real-time operations software, you can be your plant's equipment doctor. 

Water and Energy

Just like a homeowner, you also want to keep tabs on your water and energy usage and associated costs. 

A homeowner might check their monthly electrical or gas bill to see if there are any significant changes in cost from month to month or on a year-over-year basis. Why? To determine if there are potential opportunities to reduce unnecessary usage or identify potential equipment issues that are inflating those numbers. 

In a way, a commercial laundry operation is no different: just like a home, it needs a lot of water and energy in order to serve its function. 

With Spindle real-time operations software, you can identify these issues in your plant, just like the aforementioned eagle-eyed homeowner. 

Using the Spindle app, you can keep track of: 

  • Energy usage across your plant, which you can use to, among other things, compare similar pieces of equipment to see if any are underperforming
  • Excessive gas or water usage, with automated alerts informing you when they do occur
  • Compressor leaks, allowing you to address them quickly (as air compressors comprise a significant portion of your electricity costs)
  • When it's the right time to tune your boilers

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In conclusion, real-time operations software is indispensable for commercial laundries seeking to optimize their processes, enhance customer satisfaction and stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.

The ability to monitor, analyze and respond in real time is a strategic advantage that transforms the way commercial laundries operate, ensuring a more agile, efficient and customer-centric business model. 

As mentioned earlier, real-time data is strategy. Every second counts, and with real-time operations software behind you, you can make the decisions you need to make with speed and confidence. 

Visit our Resources page or watch a customer testimonial learn more about Spindle's real-time operations software in action. 

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