Do You Really Need That New Equipment? Fact vs Fiction

Posted by Spindle on Apr 4, 2017 10:48:41 AM

Investing in new equipment to keep operations running smoothly is a constant financial trade-off decision. Making equipment investment decisions should not be void of data. Are you using your current equipment to full capacity? What efficiencies are gained with new equipment versus minimizing downtime with your current equipment.

SpindlePRO gets you the answers. Our software product and analysis provides true representations of how equipment is used and indicators on using it to its full potential. We provide measurement of equipment utilization, downtime and decision support for when the investment of new equipment is necessary. Beyond that, our requirements feature provides historical data to allow measurement and progress-to-goal metrics on delivering the products that are due today and insight on gaps for additional product to be processed once the day’s goals are fulfilled.






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